Comprehensive view and control of finances

CHISA ensures that project managers, as well as general management, always have a comprehensive view of all projects' financial status and development.

Integration with financial systems

CHISA continuously updates and imports relevant invoices etc. from your financial system. This is for the sake of comparing your used finances with the established budget.

Overview of change orders and invoices

CHISA ensures that all contracts, that the company may enter into, are in agreement with the established budget.

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All legal documents in one place

The CHISA system gives you a complete overview of legal documents pertaining to each construction project.

Status regarding all legal documents

Access to all legal documents pertaining to each project, as well as a comprehensive view of policies, contracts etc. that need to be managed.

Overview of additional work and project changes

CHISA was developed to prevent issues and disputes. Should an issue arise, all data is saved in a log that can be easily accessed.

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Communication and queries

The CHISA system handles all communication pertaining to your projects, so that no piece of information gets lost or forgotten.

Overview of communication and queries

The system keeps track of technical queries, legal documents. inspections from client consultant as well as internal inspections for SC/own production. All data is compiled and accessible in one place, and all data are searchable.

Everything is saved in the activity log

The activity log keeps track of each process related to RFIs/inspections/defects etc., who has handled each step, and when each activity was carried out.

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Customer Testimonials

Jens Lauvring Kristensen / Head Manager

After searching the market thoroughly for similar products, we had no doubts that CHISA...

Søren Laubjerg Daugaard / Technical Director

By using CHISA, I save up to 1 whole day a week on administrative work.

Martin Van der Watt / Head Manager

The connection between economy and technical clarifications is easily understandable...

Jacob Bossen / Department Manager

"We could tell pretty quickly that this was a solution developed by entrepreneurs for...

Søren Worup - Managing Director & Stefan Fruergaard-Pedersen - Director - Aarhus, Denmark

At Færch, we need a solution that not only increases financial transparency, but also...

Susie Nielsen - Head of Administration

CHISA is a great program that we recommend to everyone in the business.

Christian Bajlum-Busch / Digital Projects Manager, HK Byg Entreprise A/S

CHISA helped HK Byg Entreprise A/S with optimization of our financial flows and...

Daniel Simonsen – Department Manager

We have worked with CHISA for quite a while at EMR, and everything has been stable and...

Thomas Sørensen / Partner og director

We recommend CHISA: Firstly, it is a fully operational solution. Secondly, it has all...

Lars M. Drewsen / Partner

We are experiencing great growth at VIUFF - recently with the project at Roskilde...

Jonas Loft / Partner

CHISA gives us a comprehensive view of all projects, great service as well as focus on...

"We were looking for a system that could work with both the Office package, our...

Morten Popp / Partner

We got CHISA implemented in out project department at KT E. We are so happy that we...

Johannes Schmith / Managing Director

- For the sake of supporting the growth of our construction projects, Danhaus have...

Peter Ingerslev / Managing Director

CHISA gives you a good grasp of all communication: everything is documented, which...

Michael Grove / Project Manager

The fact that I can send RFIs directly into CHISA, and receive quick feedback, works...

Henning Foged / Project Manager

I get quick feedback on RFI and progress reports, which is a huge advantage in my work.

Helene Bjerregaard Andreasen / Project Manager

CHISA gives you a good, comprehensive view of financials and progression of the...

Søren Katborg / Building Technician

Of all the management tools I have tried, CHISA is one of the most simple and easily...

Henrik Seneca / Project Manager Rambøll

It is an extremely effective tool, providing a broad view of all discussions pertaining...

Søren Borgnæs / Project Manager

It gives you peace of mind, when you can keep track of the budget at all times...

Mogens Nygaard / Managing Director

As director of Øens VVS Entreprise, CHISA enables me and my project managers to keep a...

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